SIO – Italian School of Watchmaking

In 2006 Locman opens S.I.O., the Italian School of Watchmaking.
S.I.O. is a school oriented towards training and research of new technologies and innovative materials and mechanisms.
The S.I.O. courses organized directly on the Island of Elba allow the participants to obtain a specialization in the watch market, on the whole production chain, from prototyping to after-sales management.

The S.I.O provides the entire know-how to the Locman Service Centers located throughout the world, ensuring high skills and professionalism for a fast and effective service.

There are different types of courses: the Course of Watchmaking (Mechanical and Quartz movement) to prepare future professionals and a Course dedicated to beginners: a full immersion in the world of watchmaking which allow you to get the basics of dismantling activity and assembly of an automatic mechanical watch.
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