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With its elegant design and pure, essential lines, the new LOCMAN collection interprets a contemporary mood closely attuned to that of the early 1970s, the most glamorous decade ever. Forever associated with Federico Fellini’s movie “La Dolce Vita”, the “fabulous Sixties” revolutionised lifestyles as well as fashion.

In those years, Italy was brimming with energy and hope. Children who had seen the sufferings caused by World War II were now adults with a strong desire for redemption, stability and peace.

Young couples bravely got married, promising each other eternal love, and there was an exponential increase in the rate of birth representing a major baby boom. The family was seen as the fundamental value in reboosting the economy that was to enjoy a long period of prosperity. Creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit experienced a truly magical moment: Italian style, fashion and technology became the epitome of quality and good taste to be exported around the world.

On the wings of magnificent songs such as Nel Blu dipinto di Blu, Italy’s industrial production shot to unprecedented levels, and its pleasant climate together with its cultural wealth made this beautiful country an irresistible magnet for tourists. Thanks to the marvellous simplicity of their designs, the stylists of that period managed to infuse their creations with a distinctive warmth that is more current than ever.

It is to all these values and this style that LOCMAN pays tribute with the new 1960 collection, a watch collection featuring a wide dial, a slim polished steel or pink gold case and elegant, flowing lines. Available either with hours and minutes hands only, or in a version also featuring small seconds and a twin-aperture date display, the 1960 is fitted with a range of leather or fabric straps in various shades matching the dial colours. For sportier contexts, LOCMAN offers a stainless steel bracelet in a close-knit Milanese mesh, fitted with a clasp enabling fast and easy adjustment without the problem of having to add or remove links that generally occurs with traditional bracelets.